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We work with teams to spark, then develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within existing organizations and startups to dramatically boost growth.

This is accomplished by transferring to your team the knowledge of how to use proven principles to fire up the innovative capabilities of you, your partners and/or staff. You will then create concepts that integrate ideas captured from customer, product and market discovery.  Finally, we step through a process of development and then deliver those ideas with the greatest potential for success.

Competitive pressures, disappearing markets, and declining margins are a few of the reasons existing businesses come to us. We also get entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with passion and ideas. Our first step is always a deep dive diagnostic to understand your concerns, wants, requirements, and any barriers to success.

The Startup WithIN does not believe in a cookie cutter approach, we understand that each opportunity is unique. Our decades of “hands on” experience as leaders in numerous organizations allows us to quickly understand your situation and begin to develop your capabilities.

We do not use a leverage model. You will always work directly with our partners, never a “B” team. Together, we will work to make sure you are prepared to move forward successfully. 


DREAM:  is the ability to use many different methods to generate and blend both divergent and convergent thinking to create ideas without constraints, but then bring them back to reality. The process we use works with internal and/or external groups. They are applicable to products, services, improved processes, or eliminating pain points. 

DESIGN: is the process of maturing ideas into marketable products or services. We teach the team to do customer, product and market discovery. That is where we learn what the world really wants, not what we might think they need. The result? Concept(s) that can successfully move forward in a given organization or market.

DEVELOP: is the final step before a concept can be released into a working environment. Using facts and analysis, the team learns to confirm that the concept(s) is one that should be (not can be) advanced based on the needs, constraints, and culture of the organization. At a minimum, teams evaluate Tolerability (it aligns with the organization), Desirability (customers will buy it), Feasibility (it can be made), and Viability (the organization will generate an acceptable return on their investment). Then prototypes are created and tested. Feedback loops are utilized to improve the product/service.

DELIVER: finally, the concept is ready for the marketplace.  Plans are executed to accelerate the sales, marketing, and customer acceptance. Here is where scale is created.


We use battle-tested PRINCIPLES to help you find new answers to old questions. We are not interested in generating “me too” processes or answers. 

Download your “INNOVATION QUOTIENT SURVEY” to assess your Company Culture.

CULTURE: is the glue that holds an operation together. It is important to build an environment within the organization that engages in the principles defined above, can accept failure, is long term oriented, celebrates new possibilities, and provides opportunities for ideas to be nurtured and grown.  

Our Team

While some firms send partners only to close the sale and make the final report, we roll up our sleeves and join your team to do the work and reach the breakthroughs, milestones and successes. Each partner is an experienced, accomplished professional with skillsets designed to get to the intended results. We know how to both lead and work on a team. 

Steve helps companies solve problems and discover innovative solutions to the unique challenges they face. Steve most recently served as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Boeing Ventures. Steve teaches Corporate Entrepreneurship in the MBA program at Saint Louis University, founded and manages the St. Louis Innovation Roundtable and is an active participant in the Gateway Venture Mentoring Service and the St. Louis Regional Entrepreneurship Educators. 

Ken created one of the first 3D graphic Building Information Management systems for the architectural industry. As the Chief Knowledge Officer for HOK (at the time, the largest architectural firm in the world) he delivered creative solutions using Biomimicry, Blue Ocean, and other advanced creative concepts. Ken was the founding Executive Director of the BuildingSMART Alliance. Ken teaches innovation in the schools of Engineering and Business at Saint Louis University.  Ken helps companies and startups with ideation, business modeling (using the Lean Canvas), and the application of design thinking to the definition of new technolgies, products and/or services.


We understand the value of teams, building capacity and transferring knowledge. When we join your team, our goal is to transfer our knowledge, processes, thinking strategies, and capabilities in order to make you more successful as well as self-sufficient. We add value, work well with others and will help you accomplish your goals. 

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone (314-313-2721) or email (
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