a process that generates ideas without constraint. These can be from internal or external groups. They can be for products, services, improved processes, or whatever is required. 


a process to mature ideas within the constraints set by the organization. Sometimes this will require that the team “plus up” ideas. The end result is a concept that can be moved forward. 


using facts and analysis, prove that the concept is one that should be moved forward based on the needs and culture of the organization. The team will look at Tolerability (the organization can accept it), Desirability (customers will buy it), Feasibility (it can be made), and Viability (the organization can make money selling it). 


move validated concepts to Minimally Viable Prototypes that can be tested in the market. Iterate based on feedback by revalidating and retesting in the market. Once a positive signal is received, the service, process, or product will move into the normal Stage Gate process of the organization. 


In parallel with the other four tools, it is important to build an environment that can tolerate failure, is long term oriented, celebrates new possibilities, and provides opportunities for ideas to be nurtured and grown.  

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